YellowJacket ET™

The industry's smallest, fastest, and most transportable Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer. Completely self-contained, with data logging options, the light weight YellowJacket ET offers the ability to trace and track Hydrogen Sulfide using the EnviroTape technology.
The YellowJacket ET is a small, rugged Portable H2S analyzer for measurement of H2S in gas at multiple remote field sites. The YellowJacket™ ET features an internal sample conditioning system, alphanumeric digital display, touch screen, digital data-logging via flash memory, and spreadsheet-style data collection mode.

• Rapid H2S Analysis
• Calibration Check for Online H2S Analyzers
• Data Collection Device for multiple stations or readings.

  Battery Life   ~ 8 Hours / 16 Hours
  Recharge Time   ~ 2 Hours
  Data Storage   SD Card
  Data Capacity   Up to 8 GB
  Ranges   0 – 50 ppm
  0 – 300 ppm
  Dimensions   13.5” W x 12” D x 6” T
  Weight   14 lbs

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