Our SulfurElite H2S Analyzers incorporate the latest in digital and cutting edge design, but without the complexities, cost, maintenance, and inaccuracies of laser, x-ray, and electrochemical configurations.

These analyzers are able to operate for weeks without attention, and provide a bulletproof design that can withstand the extremes of the environment, making them the perfect choice for stand alone, unattended detection and analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide.

We offer three models of this analyzer:
SulfurElite® 6000 (Total Sulfur)
SulfurElite® 9000 (formerly SulfurGuard).


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Model Number Reference Guide

SulfurElite® 6000 Total Sulfur Solution

Industry demands for Total Sulfur analysis prompted Del Mar Scientific to develop the SulfurAlert Total Sulfur series of analyzers, now known as SulfurElite® 6000 Series. Using a proven method of introducing Hydrogen into the sample stream under elevated temperatures converts all sulfur compounds to Hydrogen Sulfide, which can then be analyzed using lead acetate tape method.

The SulfurElite® 6000 Total Sulfur Analyzer is designed to analyze and monitor concentration levels of Total Sulfur in continuous flowing and pressurized streams, providing real-time values via local display and analog and/or digital signal.