Using the same time-proven, interferent-free tape technology, Del Mar Scientific has developed a detector that uses Silver instead of lead-impregnated tape. The proprietary Silver tape does not
need to be humidified, and the sample gas does not need to be scrubbed or diluted. The analyzer
size has been reduced to an 8x18x18, encased in a stainless steel cabinet, with a modular sample system. No humidifier solution, dilution requirements, faster response times and a significantly
reduced foot print.
The EnviroTape H2S Analyzer uses the proprietary EnviroTape sensing tape, which eliminates the requirement for humidification. EnviroTape uses a Silver Nitrate formula that is classified as non-hazardous, while maintaining the same qualities as the Lead Acetate (ChemFilm) analyzers.

30 Days Hands-Off Operation                                                 Lead Free
Time Proven Paper Tape Detector                                          Dilution Free
Large Touch Screen Control Panel                                          Scrubber Free
Compact 8X18X18 Stainless Steel                                          Interferent Free
Integrated Modular Sample System                                         Humidifier Free
Light Weight  (60 pounds total weight)                                     Hazardous Waste Free
Modular Construction, Field Repairable
Multi-Faceted, Programmable Communication
Unprecedented Speed, Accuracy and Repeatability

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