The SulfurGuard Analyzer provides the industry's only simultaneous analysis of Hydrogen Sulfide
and Total Sulfur without stream switching, purging or dilution. The dual analysis SulfurGuard
Analyzer gives second-by-second updates for critical applications.

The SulfurGuard is a Dual Analysis Sulfur Analyzer designed for simultaneous analysis of H2S
and Total Sulfur in the same continuous flowing and pressurized gaseous stream without purging, diluting or stream switching, providing real-time values via local display and analog signal.

The SulfurGuard series includes models for General Purpose and Class 1 Division 2 Area Classifications.

Models are available for all analysis ranges.

     Model Number Reference Guide
  General Purpose Area Classification, 0 – 300 ppm H2S, Unlimited TS
  Class 1 Division 2, Groups C & D, 0 – 300 ppm H2S, Unlimited TS

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